Flex Your Chest Throwdown is an event of Taos Mountain Warrior Fitness, supported by The 505 Strength Coach, the Town of Taos, Taos Health Systems and Taos Sports Alliance. Flex Your Chest Throwdown is an exciting two day fitness competition in which women and men from across the region will compete, in three categories of competition, a series of prescribed workouts and activities to prove which team is the fittest and fastest at 7000ft of elevation in Taos, NM.

Proceeds from this event benefit Taos Cancer Support Services (a program of Holy Cross Hospital), a non-profit serving Taos County families and individuals, with needs that go beyond medical treatment. Cancer Support Services connect those impacted by cancer with support groups, volunteers and trusted local businesses to help meet basic needs, ease stress, and promote healing.

Cancer Support Services serve area residents from early in their diagnosis up to a year after their last treatment. Over the past year they have assisted 120 individuals.

Athletes will compete in teams of four in the Scaled Division (2M/2F), teams of four in the Rx Division (2M/2F), and teams of four in the Firebreather Division (2M/2F).

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Holy Cross Hospital’s CARE Team invites staff, patients, community members to join us and observe or experience some of what CARE Team has to offer as well as meet some of the CARE Team staff on Tuesday, September 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Day Surgery lobby.

The CARE Team has offered Integrative Health Services to in-patients for the past ten years. These services combine traditional medical treatment with complementary or alternative therapies to help patients heal faster and feel better.
These therapies create a healing experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.

These safe and gentle healing therapies have been shown to reduce anxiety and pain while enhancing the body's own healing processes. All services are evidence-based; they have been tested and proven safe by research and experience. Treatments are optional, and are offered in addition to treatment from your doctor at no extra cost to you.
Join us on September 15, 2015 and learn more.

Join us on September 15 and learn more.

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Holy Cross Hospital's Cancer Support Services, supported by For the Health of It!, provides non-medical supports to people in Taos & Colfax Counties who are struggling with cancer. These services support emotional well-being and ensure that basic needs are met, in order to ease the strain, promote healing and improve the quality of the life for patients and their family members during a most difficult time.

Services include: Health care navigation,House Cleaning, Personal Care, Errands, Massage, Weekly Yoga, Feldenkrais®, Fitness, Health, and Cancer Coaching, Assistance with Transportation, Lodging, and Food, Grief and Loss Support.

We also offer the following support groups:

  • Cancer Support Group - Taos
  • Breast Cancer Support Group
  • Taos Pueblo Cancer Support Group
  • Yoga for Healing, Yoga for Cancer Survivors

Learn more about these and other services >


Under the new Affordable Care Act, beginning in January 2014 all Americans will be eligible for and are required to have health insurance. Learn more about the Affordable Care Act here.

Open Enrollment for 2015 will begin on November 15, 2014.

THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: An interactive look

This website from the University of Southern California (USC) shows you what changes you can expect to see in health care. Follow this link to see the website. Click on the various icons to reveal information.

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